February 6, 2014

I have so many thoughts in my head but I cannot seem to get them to flow to my fingers.

I wish I was an excellent writer, instead I like to pretend I am.

I wish I could think of entertaining things to blog about. I actually really enjoy blogging, but I can never think of something to write about.

I can't wait to be a mom.

I have so many big plans for the future, but I need to focus on the present to achieve them.

I'm making big changes in my life, starting with my health. I am done with just complaining about the way I look and feel, now I'm actually taking charge.

Why does life have to be so expensive?

I wish I won every giveaway. Or one. I would be ok with just winning one.

If I had a boyfriend, I would make his Valentine's Day adorable. Instead, I'm making my friends cute things and buying myself a new bra.

Speaking of relationships, I am really bad at them.

I really want a nice camera,

and a car.

Also Grey's Anatomy needs to start again. I need to dose of Dr. drama.

I really don't miss homework.

My goal this year is to become a good cook.

If you haven't read The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin, you should go buy it now.

If anyone has a pretty dress I can wear on Valentines Day that would be awesome. I'm going to a ball, yeah a real ball, and I need to look fancy and grown up.

Also, who said you couldn't do a Throwback Thursday on your blog.


  1. i think that is one of the best blog post you ever did write. i miss you soooo much.

  2. Hahah that's the best picture I have ever seen of you two in my life.