November 25, 2013

because i'm blog famous

Ok, not really but just pretend for a moment.

Ever heard of Lularoe? Well, if you haven't you should. THIS FRIDAY we are having a party at my house and they are coming with all their goodies, just for us!! And trust me, they are the most comfiest skirts, dresses and leggings (we even have some scarfs) you will ever put on your body. So please, come! Even if you don't get anything we will be having a drawing and lots of good desserts. So stop by, say hi, try on some cute clothes and eat a yummy cookie... or two.

TELL EVERYONE YOU KNOW, mom's, grandma's, aunts, sisters!!! And you might get entered into the drawing to win a free skirt.

When? Friday November 29
Time? 4:30-6:00
Where? 635 South 670 East Orem, Utah

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