July 24, 2013

my obsession with black and white pictures continue.

on another note, i'm reunited with this goon. even though i've only been home for a total of one day, we're already starting to get on each others nerves. i think i'll keep her though.

time for some sentimental time.
i have a friend, his name is marshall. he's pretty awesome. he's surprised me with candle lit dinners, drive-in movies, movies in the park, and runs to go watch the sunrise followed quickly by a trip to mcdonalds to get pancakes. he's seen me through every possible situation and he still stuck around. i think i'll keep him for a little while longer.

if you look to the right, you can make out the tetons.
i don't know why, but i am obsessed with the tetons. they make me so happy! sometimes i think they are calling for me to go to them. next time you're in idaho GO. you won't regret it.
idaho has quickly become one of my favorite places. i was actually sad to go. 
until next january.

goodbye idaho, hello utah.

oh and p.s. happy pioneer day utah! you never cease to fail in the firework category. i will be falling asleep to the sound of fireworks tonight.

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