July 30, 2013

Clean laundry is probably my favorite smell. It smells fresh and new, like a brand new beginning. Not to mention my wardrobe doubles in size after everything is put away.
Speaking of new beginnings... I'm still torn about this whole being home business. I think I got too used to being responsible for only myself, and not having anyone watch over me. Don't get me wrong, having home cooked meals is fantastic, and having my own space again but I have become too independent that whenever someone tries to help me I push them away. No worries, I will get over it but the adjusting is hard. Sometimes I have to remind myself that I am no longer a teenager, and I need to act like an adult. (Sorry Mom, Dad and Anna.)
I have an interview tomorrow, hopefully I get the job. I think once I have a good schedule laid out I will feel productive and not lazy anymore. We'll see. As for now I will keep doing my laundry, applying for jobs, and day dreaming about when I start school again. 

Here's to being productive!

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