April 5, 2013


Sometimes in the middle of learning about the Constitution or talking about what makes up a synthesis essay, my mind likes to wander. Most of the time it ends with me pulling my phone out and tweeting something while I am trying to hide a giggle. Today, as I was letting my mind wander, I decided something, I really want to go on a trip by train. Something about watching the country side race past me makes me feel giddy inside. And doesn't it sound so romantic? So I am writing this on my blog in hopes that one day my future husband will read this and decide to surprise me. So honey, here is your hint. 


On a completely random side note... I am OBSESSED with these two songs. I love learning about good music, so I figured you would too. Listen, and enjoy. 

~ It is pouring outside and I think I just heard thunder. I think this calls for a dance party. 

Peace. xoxo

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