April 8, 2013


Conference weekend has become my favorite weekend of the year. It's as good as New Years. Fresh beginnings, new goals being set, all that good stuff. 
This year my lovely friend Morgan invited me to go to her house and spend it with her family. Let's just say that it was probably my FAVORITE WEEKEND EVER. 
Morgan, you are my fav.

Preston also happens to be where they filmed Napoleon Dynamite. It only seemed right to go on a little tour. And just so you know, it is a lot more fun then they make it seem in that movie.

During Priesthood session Morgan, her little brother and I decided to hike Little Mountain. Of course the second we got there it started pouring... did that stop us? Nope! We just waited it out. 

They really do love each other. It's rather adorable. 

When we were on top of the mountain Morgan froze and said, 
"Guys... It sounds like one of those rain sticks! Listen?" 
Yeah well turns out that it started pouring cats and dogs two seconds later. 
We almost died. Ok, not really but it was super windy and cold. So we ran all the way back down the mountain.

We warmed our cold little bodies with some nice hot chocolate.

Morgan, you are adorable. I'm so sad you're leaving me for Europe! But I don't blame you.

I hope conference was amazing for all of you guys too! 


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