March 21, 2013

don't let your mind bully your body.

Guys I have to be honest here. College is hard.
In fact, it's way harder then I thought it would be. Getting along with roommates, hours of homework, hard tests, work, school, cooking for one (surprisingly hard) I'm ready to give up. Everything you do is focused on your future. It scares me. I know what I want to do, but getting there makes my stomach turn in circles until I feel like curling up in a ball and melting. I've thought about giving up so many times and just going home to home-cooked meals and people I know. 
One of my problems is that I keep listening to what everyone else has to tell me about my future and I'm not finding it out for myself. Sometimes I feel like the main character in Jane Austin's Persuasion. I keep being persuaded one way or the other. I feel like nothing is my decision. 

I think the guy upstairs realized that I needed some serious help, so in one of my classes we watched this video:

//Embrace each day with an enthusiastic welcome.

//As you suffer about your imperfections, He will give you comfort and suggestions of where to improve.

//God knows better then you what you need.

//Avoid any fear like your worst enemy. 

//On the road to salvation let questions arise, but never doubts. 

//The pain of sacrifice lasts only one moment. It is the fear of the pain of the sacrifice that makes you hesitate to do it. 

This is my life! I need to remember that my decisions are ultimately up to me, and with His help and confidence in myself, I can do hard things.

*Future, here I come, be ready for me.

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