December 2, 2012

God bless America.

today during sacrament we had an unexpected guest. he came up during a musical number and went up to the pulpit. just before he could say anything my bishop jumped up and walked him out the door. he made his way back up to the stand and sat reverently waiting for his turn to bare his testimony, or so i thought. when it was finally his turn, this is what he said,

"i was looking at a five dollar bill and it said in God we trust. God bless America. that's all i had to say." then he walked to the back of the chapel.

after he started yelling at people during their testimonies and saying things like "amen to that!"my bishop finally escorted him for a final time out the door. we didn't see, or hear from him again.

even though my first reaction was just to giggle at this man, i kinda look up to him. he had to courage to stand up in front of people and share a little message of truth that is easily forgotten in the world today. this is the time of year to go outside of yourself and share a message of Christmas with people that may really need to hear it. that is exactly what this man did.

so thank you random stranger. i don't think you were of my faith, but you helped me to realize something i forget too easily.

With God, anything is possible.

God bless America.


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