November 30, 2012

a couple of beach bums.

before i moved to california, i could count, on one hand, how many times i had been to the beach. but after living here since june, i have completely lost track.

each time i go down the hill to the beach i am in awe of 1) how close i live to the pacific ocean, 2) this entire continent ends right there and 3) the beauty of it. it is g-o-r-g-e-o-u-s... especially in november :)

lola is such a beach baby. she fell in the waves, so we took her clothes off. she was completely content the entire time.
 in fact, she put up a HUGE fight when we tried to leave. but i don't blame her... it's my happy place too.

now enjoy this little video of lola trying to throw wet sand at me.

wish you were here ::