August 11, 2012

L.A. Dodgers

This was my first big baseball game. 
All in all it was really fun!
It got kind of awkward when it went from five people going to just two, but what-the-hey!
To get the full experience I even had a Dodger dog, which turned out to be really good.
And we saw Cam from Modern Family there.
I probably screamed louder at that then I did at any part in the actual game.

Afterwards he took me to west L.A. to go to Diddy Riese!

Oh my heavenly.
If you're ever in west L.A. this place is a must! 
The line is super long but the warm, homemade cookies with amazing ice-cream are definitely worth the wait. 

Also on a sad note... Jefferson leaves tomorrow for college.
I'm going to miss him...


  1. Okay. First: Who is that guy? Second: LA Dodgers... Jealous. Third: When are you coming home??

  2. ^agreed! Becca has too many boys in her life i can't keep them straight!!!

  3. That is my "friend." Not really, but everyone ditched out except for us so it was really awkward. The Jefferson guy is like my best friend from down here though! but he went back to college :(