August 31, 2012

400 feet in the air and only one way down

Today we went to the Irvine Balloon Park.
Everything is free so here is what we ended up doing:

riding the carousel.
riding the hot air balloon.
      -riding that ride with two squirmy kids was scary.
riding the carousel again.
oh and one more time on the carousel just for fun.

That was really all there was to do there but still!! I can now cross riding a hot air balloon off my bucket list.

Random little side story... Yesterday Jill and I were at Trader Joe's and Lola didn't have shoes on. So before we went inside I grabbed her shoes and put them on her while she was still in her car seat. (I was in a hurry, remember this) So we get inside and do our grocery shopping and go to check out when a lady comes over and looks at Lola and says,

"Oh what cute yellow sandals you have! Did you put those on all by yourself?"

Jill just laughs and says, "Oh no, we wish though!"

The lady gives us a weird look and walks away. Me, being curious, walks over to see why the lady would ask such an odd question when I see this...

I had put her shoes on on the wrong feet. S-M-O-O-T-H Becca.
Jill and I had a good laugh, and are still laughing about it.

We might have to shop at a different Trader Joe's though...

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  1. hahah, I used to put my shoes on the wrong feet all the time. It felt more natural. No worries :) Thanks for your participation on my blog, you will have a snippet featured sometime this next week so check back! Have a great day :)