July 3, 2012

fake it 'till you make it

Warning... This is pretty much a journal entry so that I can remember what happened.

I can do hard things.

That is something my sister told me earlier this week and it's kinda stuck with me, especially as I was entering the doors to the singles ward... alone.
I decided when I stepped out of the car that I was just going to be confident and happy.
None of these people knew me, and I wouldn't be seeing them in a few months so why not just be yourself?

I quickly found a seat not in the back but not in the front either and tried to look approachable. 
It was fast and testimony meeting and I kept having this thought come into my head that I needed to get up there.

HA. Yeah right. I just got here. I don't know anyone. I'd just look dumb.

Apparently my feet didn't think that, because next thing I know I'm walking to the stand.
I got up and introduced myself and got emotional... of course.
When I sat down I didn't remember a thing I had said or why I had gone up there.
But the second the meeting was over a group of people came up to me and started introducing themselves. Do I remember all their names? No. But I had made friends and I wasn't alone anymore.

I guess the confidence thing worked! Now I just have to keep up the image. 

So moral of this story: first week in a singles ward and it just happens to be fast sunday? get your fanny up there and bare your testimony because you make friends FAST.

Oh, this is for Maddie and Anna and anyone else out their who watches the Bachlorette.
 I think Sean's lookalike is in my ward...

he really looks just like that ^^^


  1. Becca. You are the LUCKIEST girl in the world. I can't believe this. P.s. everyone in Utah is meeting Jeff. I CAN'T FIND HIM.

  2. Go BECCA! Good job! I love you and miss you a lot!