June 11, 2012

the day i went to kneaders, tucanos and crashed a motorcycle all before 3.

Today, was a good day.
It started with me going on a date with my handsome friend Steven. 
Yes, this is the same man who took me to prom. Lucky me!
He picked me up at 9 and we headed to Kneaders to get some yummy all you can eat french toast.
I was a little surprised when I walked out of my house and didn't see his car, but in its place was his motorcycle.


I got to put on a lovely helmet (so much for attempting to tame my hair) and held on tight.
It was... well... it's hard to explain exactly what it is like to ride a motorcycle.
I recommend that you grab a close friend, preferably a male, who has a motorcycle and go for a ride.
After your mamma's approval of course.

Our conversation rolled smoothly and he even told me that he didn't know what he was going to do without me here this summer. How cute.
Then we decided to take a lovely stroll down in the Riverwoods. We played in the fountain, did cartwheels, and dared each other to do silly things. When we were done with that Steven said that I should learn how to drive his motorcycle. 

Yeah... That's a smart idea. How about you have a super uncoordinated girl drive a heavy machine thingy. Smooth.

I stalled a few times but finally was starting to get the hang of it! All was going smoothly until he let go of the handlebars and put his hands on my waist. 
I learned at that moment that it is really hard to maneuver a motorcycle. He told me to turn and I was turning with all my might but it wasn't going. I saw the curb approaching sort of quickly and realized that he hadn't told me how to brake... I knew that there was nothing I could do so... I hit it. 
We both flew off and landed on the ground...
After the shock wore off, I started laughing (again, smooth Becca, smooth) because I didn't know what else to do. 
He quickly got up and helped me to my feet.
After we examined our wounds, which were luckily only a few cuts and bruises, we looked at his bike.

Oh side note. We were both wearing helmets. This probably saved us from a head injury.

His bike was kinda beat up on the front but luckily he said that that was a cheap part to replace. Being the gentlemen that he is, he refused to let me pay for the part.

I could tell he was kinda shooken up about the whole situation and so when I said that maybe he should take over, he quickly agreed.
The rest of the date consisted of going to a park, and riding up the canyon 
(which by the way... going 60+ on a motorcycle... AFTER CRASHING IT... is a terrifying thing. I couldn't hold on tight enough.)

After that date was over, one of my amazing friends Christian decided to take me to Tucanos. 
I think I gained like 50 pounds, but it was definitely all worth it.
He was so much fun to talk (after all, I have known him almost all my life) to and I had an amazing time!
I am going to miss him a lot. 
This date was a lot more tame (with no crashes) only a few cold feet in the river and climbing up things that probably aren't supposed to be climbed. You know what I mean Christian ;)

Oh and not to mention that I also went to Cupcake Chic and Sweet Tooth fairy today. 

So, if you want to find me, I will probably we curled up in ball complaining about stomach aches or on the tennis court trying to burn off all the calories I ate today.

Oh and I haven't told my parents about the crashing on the bike yet... I think it'll be a funny story to bring up in a few years. And what they don't know, won't hurt them, for now.
I'm such a great example.

The end.

Two days until California. 

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