June 8, 2012

countdown + lots of pictures

it's been 9 days since I graduated high school.
There's been 7 days of summer.
I've been in california for 5 of those 7 days.
And I leave Utah to go live in Newport California in 5 days.
let the countdown begin.

my senior pictures::

thanks Court!


i love this one

seminary graduation::
nick, dewey, emily, karissa, me, josh

trip to california::

baby jade

lola dee.

thinking about food...

huntington pier

we didn't want to leave

sorry about all the pictures and not a lot of words.
but the last couple weeks have been amazing :) if you can't tell.


  1. Becca, the pics are gorgeous!

  2. Becca, you're so gorgeous!! Love you! And I'm going to miss you while you're in Cali!