June 23, 2012

california girl

Life here in Newport is an adventure.
I'm still trying to get used to the streets and trying to figure out the town, but I really do love it.
I love that after dinner every day we can head down to the beach and watch the sunset or play at the park. I'm still trying to find a job... but hopefully I'll have one soon!
This is my new home :)

This past week I crashed my brother-in-law's family reunion at the Biltmore Hotel in Phoenix!
I spent all day in a pool in 115 degree weather.
It was so nice to lay in the sun and then jump in a cold pool! My life kinda rocks.
On the way there I was sick... it's weird being sick without your parents... 

Then we crashed another party at Havasu and went boating.
I got the best compliment of my life...
it went a little like this.
"So Becca, you're naturally tan right?"
No... I just happen to be lucky enough to be from both Norway and Ireland. 
but thank you :) yes I am quite tan now.

I'm pretty much just bragging. But I kinda love life.
Oh and I learned how to drive stick today and kinda rocked it. Only stalled a few times!

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