April 10, 2012

rather scatter-brained at the moment

Dear Dad. 
Get better soon, I don't like seeing you in the hospital hooked up to all those machines. I miss hearing your whistle around the house. I also miss giving you hugs instead of love taps, because I'm scared to pull on one of your tubes.

Dear Mom.
I do not like doing your job. Have fun in California, but know that I am counting down the days for you to get home. I miss you.

Dear nurse that was taking care of my dad.
You were very good looking, and no you did not scare me away, I actually did want to stay, but my mother was waiting for me. Please come back soon, and please be single.

Dear golf.
I suck at playing your game. I do not ever intend on becoming good at you. So don't ever make me play against amazing people again. You agree? Ok, thank you.

Dear Kate.
You are the greatest neighbor ever! Thank you for feeding me and taking care of me, you will never understand just how much it means to me.

Dear Sam.
You are obviously my favorite 6 year old ever. Hands down.

Dear cough and runny noes.
Please disappear. I do not like you.

Dear giant zit that has made home on my forehead.
{see above}

Dear Steven.
I am very, very, very excited to go with Prom with you. I do not intend on making you feel "blue." In fact... I'd be tickled pink to go with you! 

Dear colleges.
Stop sending me emails. I do not want to go to your college, I already have it narrowed down, don't make it more hard for me to pick.

Dear sea foam green nail polish.
You make me happy.

Dear people that I do not know but are still reading this blog because they somehow find it entertaining.
You should click on that FOLLOW button. Go ahead, I dare you.

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