April 2, 2012

over the weekend

Conference weekend is always a good weekend to set new goals, start fresh and... go on bike rides.
After this weekend I can honestly say that my little sister is my best friend. She makes me laugh 24/7 and she makes me want to be a better person.

I know I can be a punk and super annoying, you can too ;), but just remember that I love you 
and admire you so much. I'm scared to go away to college and not see your face everyday. You are one of the only people that I can be my complete self around. I don't think we've ever been in a real fight and I am so grateful for that. Even when I want to be mad at you I can't because you make me laugh too much. You have an amazing glow about you and the light of Christ shines through your eyes. You're beautiful.
I love you sister!

Now that I have written this little note... I feel like I should include this one too.

I know you are older then me, and we haven't had the closest relationship, but just know that I love you. 
You are such a good example, and if I could grow up to be just like you, I would be happy :) You have another little girl coming soon, and I know that you are going to be an amazing mother to your two little girls. You're beautiful, funny, talented, admired, and loved. Thanks for pushing me to do things even when I don't want to do them. You help me become a better person! 
I love you sister!

Now here are some picture's from our adventure.

 anna decided to plank the bench and then I tried doing it to the pole. it failed.

life is good :)


  1. I appreciate your diplomacy by including a sister-note to me, too (although I would have understood if you wanted to just go on and on about Anna.) I want for Lola and Jade the sort of relationship you and Anna share. :)

    And I hope by "not the closest relationship" you mean simply that I'm ten years older than you and have lived away out of state for most of your life. Honestly, I felt pretty "close" with you tonight. Thanks for being my partner in crime tonight "Person on the Inside."

  2. i want your bike! where did you get it??

  3. Jill I will be your partner in crime any day.

    And believe it or not... We got the bikes at Walmart.

  4. hahaha planking the pole... this is fantastic :D