April 26, 2012

gimmie gimmie

I just got back from a lovely week at Disneyland with my choir. It was seriously so much fun! I always complain about how much I hate choir... but with the moments we had on tour, it was all worth it. 
pictures to come later...

but right now the biggest thing on my mind is prom! It's so close and I still lack a very important piece... a dress.
and prom is in 9 days, ahhhh. I have to find on fast.
Right now this is my DREAM dress that I want more then anything!

i love everything about this dress except for the price... Like seriously look at it. It's gorgeous!
but if i don't get this dress, I want to find something like it. 
So if you have any suggestions PLEASE comment and tell me. 
ASAP would be nice :)


  1. GET ITTTT!!! You won't regret it and you will look absolutely stunning!!

  2. Oh Becca, IT'S BEAUTIFUL! Please tell me when your goin' shoppin'! I would love to come along!

  3. Gosh that dress is so pretty :)