January 28, 2012

to my papa::

Dad is in the middle with his brother's on each side.

he listens to country and classical music. sometimes at the same time.
he laughs at all his own jokes.
when i give him hugs his beard scratched my face.
he is very dedicated.
he types like the robot on Wall-E.
he always serves his family.
he puts toys in my lunch every Friday.
he gives me blessings whenever i ask for them.
he's constantly reading.
he stands up for what he believes in.
he reminds me of Atticus Finch.
he is the smartest man i know and he teaches me so much.

today he told me that when you are mad, your brain sends a hormone through your body that only lasts 90 seconds and then you choose to stay mad or not. that goes for all your emotions you feel. i've been thinking about that all day today. i failed my first test yesterday and i let it ruin my day. i chose to let that anger stay with me for longer then 90 seconds. that was stupid, it just ruined my day and made it so that i acted very selfish. when i talked about that girl that makes me mad, she only really made me mad for 90 seconds, but i chose to let that anger remain in me. i've decided not to let that get to me, after all she is a daughter of God and He loves her just like He loves me. today i've made it my goal to not let the little things in life get to me but to learn to move on and just have joy in my life - just like my name. thank you dad. keep reading, so you can keep teaching me things. i love you, and i'll always be your little girl.


  1. So pretty much your dad is my favie fav. 4 lyfe. Oh wait... I don't have one...I should probably get out more :)

  2. Very sweet, Bec. (shedding a tear.)