January 31, 2012

perfect way to come home

everything a girl needs is right there people. 

so i broke a mirror a week ago [no karissa, it wasn't because of the way i looked... ;)]

and now i have seven years of bad luck!

i have::
had a dentist appointment. 
had to get an appointment to get my wisdom teeth out.
stubbed my toe multiple times
been scared to death by my father.
and many more things...
today i dropped my lovely makeup sponge in the toilet... because i missed the trash can. that's why i don't play basketball.
then when i got home i dropped my phone in the toilet!
who does that?! well this girl right here does. at least it's still working. 
i've never been so willing to put my hand in the toilet until my phone fell in. sad huh?

but mostly my seven years of bad luck hasn't been too bad! i mean look at this score::

and that's how it is done...

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