January 17, 2012


awkwardness: Latin (verb) the act of something or someone being awkward. Normally occurs in pictures when the subject(s) aren't aware of the picture being taken, or pose too much for the picture.

exhibit 1: taking a big bite of food as a picture is being taken

exhibit 2: being on a tramp + in a swimming suit = awkwardness

my crazy grandpa. i love this picture.

exhibit 3: not realizing what everyone else in the photo is doing until it is too late

exhibit 4: trying to hold up a sign in the background ... but not actually being in the right position

exhibit 5: taking a picture when people are sleeping

exhibit 6: i don't even know what to say to this one .. 

exhibit 7: having a picture of an animal eating your foot

this pictures proves that anna was actually HATCHED not born

exhibit 8: just look at me ...  i think you can come up with a reason yourself.

enough said.


  1. Oh my goodness I just peed my pants!!! This is the greatest thing of my existence!

  2. haha, i thought it was really funny too :)