December 21, 2011

reason 54,364,345 why i love my family

these are what our family pictures turn out to look like. 
some of us in a tree, some of us (*cough cough* Kenny) doing very dramatic poses while throwing leaves up into the air, throwing leaves at Lola and having her enjoy every second of it, finding a teeter-totter and deciding that looks fun, and then Ryan deciding to plank it.

I am so very sorry that I haven't blogged in about... six thousand years. Life gets busy.
So since I've lasted blogged I have:
Taken the ACT
Been asked to senior ball... twice
Had my 18th birthday
got a kindle fire:)
Had about a million choir concerts
Went to the dinosaur museum and to senior ball and had an amazing time!! Thanks to my fun date, Garrett :)
took pictures in a photo booth
Finished all my christmas shopping
survived working black friday
had many funny moments 
(look he's cutting husband cake!! It's meant to be guys. Hmm I wonder if I should make him wife cake..)
seen batman begins, finally
fallen in love with zooey deschanel (i wish i could pull off her hair)
fallen in love with lipstain
earned lots of money....spent lots of money
blog stalked
played spongebob life
lost at spongebob life..
looked at christmas lights
set my brother up on a blind date heehee
decided i want to move downstairs
made a fool of myself ( me: what are you doing here?! him: umm.. taking a test? - not my brightest moment)
been scared out of my mind by that darn manakin head that my father keeps in the garage ...

lots can happen in two weeks folks. lots.

OH and i've officially had my blog for a year. this little guy has been good to me. it's funny to go back and read random stuff that has happened or me being dramatic.

merry christmas :)


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