November 1, 2011

work, new friends and pumpkins

 I think all three of those fit together quite nicely.
I recently started working! 
I feel so grown up and professional. ha. not really. but it is really nice finally having a job and being able to earn money.

I was doing homework and got really really bored.
So ... I was looking at my foot and decided to draw a friend.
Isn't he lovely?
Actually I have made a bunch of new friends since school has started {not imaginary, or foot friends}
It's cool that I am a senior and have been going to school with some people for about three years and I'm still becoming better friends with them every day. And I am pretty dang positive I have some of the best friends out there!

i went to my cousin's house on sunday to help him carve a pumpkin.
he is my exact age and we're buddies. I have had so many good memories with that boy.
One time, when he still lived in California, he wrote me a letter telling me that he wanted to marry me when we grew up. the letter also had a picture of him in a giant egg.
yeah... I don't know why he was in an egg.
Anyways, I haven't let him forget it because I think it is too great!

29 days in counting until my mouth is no longer full of medal.
happy day :)
well ... if he actually decides to take them off this time ...
I will not be a happy camper if he postpones it... AGAIN.


oh p.s. spontaneous dates are very fun. especially when you ride around a parking lot on
a motorized wheelchair and then go see Captain America :) great weekend...

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