November 14, 2011

a list...

a random list about yours truly ::

i love changing up my blog, if you can't tell

i can't keep nail polish on for more then a day

I actually really like the cold

i make myself laugh on a daily basis

i got my first pay check and debit card this week

i love making "to do" list

i love painting my nails

i make most of my own jewelry

i don't wash my hair every day

my birthday is in 24 days

i get my braces off in 16 days

i'm scared to grow up, but at the same time i can't wait to

i love panda bears and giraffes

it takes me 5-10 minutes to curl my hair, on a good day

i love clothes

.... and makeup

i fall asleep really fast

i love water, it's my favorite drink ever

Christmas music is my favorite 
especially baby it's cold outside by Sammy Davis jr. and Caramen McRae

when i like a song, i tend to listen to it over and over until i don't like it anymore

i play with my ears, ha i know it's weird

it's hard for me to make new friends, sometimes

i compare myself to others too much

i want to move back east, REALLY BADLY

i love stepping on leaves

my little sister is my best friend

i'm actually kind of shy

i am a cashier at roberts crafts

i can't wear socks to bed

or long pants

i am freakishly organized

i danced when i younger and was actually really good and i was even in an advanced class, but
it was tiring for my little body, so i quit.... I really wish i hadn't

i've already made a list with everything i want for my birthday

i don't like driving

i am currently hooked on Grimm , Once Upon a Time, Psych and Modern Family

old people make me smile
especially when an old couple is holding hands

i cry really easily, when something touches me

fall is my favorite season

i love reading... well when i have a good book

i actually like the twilight books

i'm soon going to be an aunt for the second time!

if procrastination was a sport, i would take gold

i always thing of funny things to blog about, then when i actually get around to do it, i forget. 
so that's why this post was formed! 

AND.... i can't wait for THIS to come out ::


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