November 15, 2011

in honor of lola

my cute little niece's name is lola.

her new favorite show is Annie.
my older sister, Jill, says she's obsessed with it and whenever she's freaking out, jill will turn
on Annie and Lola will calm down.
so in honor of Lola, I have this lovely clip for you.

so i have some thoughts...
if i am ever rich... wait correction: WHEN i am rich, i am going to make sure all of my
maids and server people can sing. Then every morning i can wake up
and they will make the bed on top of me and sing. 
it'll be beautiful.
I can't wait.
so i guess if you really like serving people .... and you can sing .....
we should become friends. i'll hook you up with a job.
just know that whatever i say goes.
the end. :)

can you tell i'm just a wee bit hyper?

oh also i have a few pictures. these are from christmas last year, but i still like them.
morning faces

i love my momma

this should be on a snuggy commercial

i think this speaks for itself.


p.s. dear lady who came in at 8:55 today and decided to buy the whole store,

ok i really am done now.

1 comment:

  1. Becca, if you want people singing to you when you wake up, why didn't you just tell me!!! Check, doing that every morning.