November 16, 2011

im a fashionista

left shoe: boutique on st. street. right shoe: mom's closet

hoodie: gen-x. pants: uhh old navy i think. glasses: claires

i know you all wish you were me.

so don't worry... i'm not going to start doing a fashion blog 
{even though i know you all want to look just like me!} 
ha not.

i just think it's funny that so many people are doing one. so here was my way of teasing them.
that's right, YOU'VE BEEN TEASED.

but really .... the Daybook lady can do it, but the rest of you are just copy cats. sorry but it's true.
i'm not hating on you i just think it's kinda funny.

sorry if i've offended anyone! i just think it's funny :)

umm on other news, today was a really good day.
minus the fact that my hair didn't want to do cooperate and my outfit was gross.
but seminary made everything good!

seriously... i love this church :) 

oh guess what else i love? 

this ::

thanks to Kathryn for putting this on her blog so i can become obsessed too! 

oh and i love this picture. so much. 



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