October 13, 2011

i'm feeling a little green today

yes I know that I have had my phone for almost two years now, but I'm still discovering things I can do with it. Like making my face green!

Anna wanted to join in the fun too.

I have found a new love in life. They are called Pretzel M&M's. Our love is true and I think it will last a long time.

So yesterday was a very fun day, in case you are wondering. I had a math test in AP Calculus and guess what I got? A 98%!!!
I am so happy!!!! 
And then our second period was canceled because it was over the TV and the Governor had his speech yesterday so the mediator let us go home. 
These were her words of advice, "Drive safe. Don't get in an accident."
So Emily and I just went to her house. It. Was. Great.

Then for tennis we just went and passed out fliers around the school to advertise for our fundraiser.
Anna, Rachel and I went to our old lil' junior high. So we walked in and wow it stunk in there. Like I feel bad for the teachers. They have to smell that all day. Poor things... well actually they knew what they were signing up for when they agreed to teach Jr. High. 
the halls were really narrow.

So there was this dumb little eighth grader that looked like he was five and he was totally dissing on our school!! He was like wow no one cares about your school or about tennis. 

yeah he kinda proved the point that people that go to MV are mean. 
so good job kid, thanks for proving a point! I appreciate it!

Ok I'm being really mean, I'm sure he was just having a really hard day or something, IDK but really... don't mock us. Geez...

Oh then for Young Women's we went to Sis. Crockett's house and made cupcakes and decorated them. 
We're so talented. I know. We can make cupcakes look like turkeys! Let me tell ya, it takes talent.

Can I just say that I love my little sister? Like seriously! She makes me laugh all the time and she's adorable! She can be a punk sometimes, but I am a punk to her sometimes so it all balances out :) 

rebecca joy


  1. My favorite part was when Miss Purple Crocs said,"Well, I guess you guys are homeless now..."
    She is hilarious

  2. She is my favorite part about B days haha!