October 27, 2011

my day of "firsts"

I had a bunch of "firsts" today.
I took my first final exam in mythology.
I am going to have my first job interview soon, which will {hopefully} lead to a first job.
I had my first experience of an army guy trying really hard to get me to join the Navy. ummm no sorry.
AND.... I had to present a poem, memorized, in front of my entire AP Literature class.
I'm not really a person that enjoys speaking in public, I don't mind doing it though. 
But for some reason, it was terrifying to go up in front of the class with like 32 eyes staring you down. And knowing that they secretly all were hoping you would mess up so they have something to laugh at, because after all, they are high school students. 
So.. I got up there and started presenting it to the class and my darn legs wouldn't stop shaking!
It was probably so obvious that I was shaking like a lunatic but oh well. 
It's over now, and that makes me one happy girl.
Then I sat down and realized I didn't say a whole stanza of my poem but do you know what?
NOBODY NOTICED BUT ME. so it's all good.

this is pretty much how i felt like today ::

and I was about as happy as this kid is when I finished my poem. HURRAY!


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