October 22, 2011

fall break

This week has been fall break. 
and i've been sick all week! how lovely.
I actually don't really mind being sick because you can just sit around and do 
nothing and no one gets mad at you for it because you're sick!
but... when I heard about all of the fun stuff my friends were doing, I got sort of sad.
BUT then I started going through all my pictures on my phone and I realized something,
for a sick person, i actually did a lot of stuff this week.
oh and I earned $62.00! Sad part is, I went shopping today and spend some of it. 
Oh well, I have new clothes now!
Instead of me telling you about everything here are a bunch of pictures describing my week.
I know you are so excited to see them ;)

this is from the orthodontist. At first i was like, Oh wow that's so nice of you guys for giving us a cookie.
but then I started eating it and it hurt my teeth. It made me excited to FINALLY get my braces off.
39 more days baby. well that is if he doesn't change his mind... again...

then i took some creeper pictures of anna while she played the piano. good times.

then we played some good ol' Guess Who!
and please appreciate the amazingness of this picture. I don't know how Anna makes her face do that.
her husband is gonna be one lucky man.


i love happy meal fridays!
 Anna and I got a gift card for 5 dollars at Ernie's in our lunch so we decided to go.
It cost 4.80.
Free sandwich anyone? It was amazing.
I didn't understand the "LOL" napkin thing. but i thought it was funny so i took a picture.
because when you see random things you have to take a picture right? I know i do.

Ok, favorite part of the week right here::
my brother took Anna and I out to lunch with him and his friends.
One of his friends works at comedy sports.
Let's just say, he is perfect for the job.
We went to this cute little cafe place that only serves breakfast and lunch it's called Joe's Cafe.
A black dude owns it and oh my goodness. he is my new favorite person.
He has a MILLION pictures of himself all over the walls with his costumers, and he walks up to you and makes sure you love your food. You need to go. I don't give this place justice. 
Not only is the atmosphere amazing, but the food! Oh wow.... so good!
But we were able to take a picture with him so, when you go {not IF, WHEN}
look for me on the wall, because I'm up there!

that was a really long post. and now you know everything about my weekend! Lucky you!

rebecca joy


  1. I just want you to know...that I'm privileged to be added to your blog list :) Haha! Love you!

  2. hahaha. Of course! I told you I blogged stalked you! :) love you too!