September 20, 2011

pictures of you.... pictures of me

for some reason when i sit down on my computer all ready to blog about something
funny that has happened to me, i end up blog stalking other people, facebook stalking,
going on pinterest or just being like "eh... forget it..."


I actually am going to finish a blog post today.
be proud. be very proud.
So two weekends ago was HOMECOMING!!!
it was so much fun :) There is a picture below...
we went to the provo beach resort and played on the ropes course! AKA my new favorite
thing ever. and then we ate pizza and then went to the dance!

then last weekend i went to st. george with my lovely tennis team :)
i think they are the only ones on my tennis team that read my blog. well i love all you guys :)
it was a great weekend and my team did really well!!!
anyways.. enough of my ranting here are some PICTURES!!!

ryan took away his big tv... bye my love.

josh and i! don't we look cute?

i don't really know why i took this picture... but these were all my accessories.

this is a creepy manakin head that my family saw on the way to the mall. my dad actually got out of the car and grabbed it and has been playing funny pranks on all of us. it's great!

my cute little niece, just chillin on the chair and looking at her book

my lovely team :) i love them all! even katherine in the background haha

 all of these pictures are reasons why i love my little sister.
 you're adorable. don't ever change. EVER.

rebecca joy

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  1. aww thanks! I'm glad I went down there with everyone!!