August 30, 2011

hey! i am alive, i promise

My life has been completely consumed by two things.

1. School.

2. Tennis. 

This has made it super hard to find the time to blog, so you should feel lucky that I'm doing it right now. ;)

I can't believe how fast summer went! I swear it was like Spring Break last week and Maddie, Anna
and I made all those lovely memories! But as I look back on summer it was full of so many ups and downs ... good times and bad! Luckily the good outway the bad!
School is so fun! i love being a senior! I feel so old .... and I can't believe that this time next year 
I'll be in college. {And NO Anna... I am NOT going to Clown College.}
School this year I have,

AP Literature
Current Issues
Mythology {I'm not a nerd. Yes, this is a fun class. Probably my favorite.}
Seminary :)
AP Calculus
Advanced Heath Science

I don't know what possessed me to take TWO AP classes but oh well...
it hasn't been too bad so far. {Watch, i probably just jinked myself}

But Guess What!
I got asked to Homecoming! It'll be my first homecoming ever and I'm super excited, even if i'm gonna miss Peach Days for it. Trust me. That is a very hard thing. But I'm super excited to go with 
JOSH ELLIS, my ward friend :) it'll be a blast!

Hmm well on other news, I'm in love. haha no biggy. Ok that's an exaggeration but I have a very
big crush on a certain boy..... :)

Well you're probably all so sick of reading all my randomness so here are some pictures!

This poor guy.... We saw him on the way to Park City.

My gorgeous friends :) 

View from the "Y"

My earring hanger. I made it for my room :)

We worry about this one...

Well that's about it! I'll post more pictures from summer later!

rebecca joy

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