August 1, 2011

concerts, family and Sundance!

guess who finally went to her first concert ever?!
that's right, THIS GIRL DID.
I went to SLC and saw Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros.
i love them. and i love edward sharpe.
he's so weird and he looks like he just rolled out of bed but i loved it.
this was my experience:
being ran into.
smelling pot.
seeing drunk people.
almost getting thrown up on.
wanting to punch the person next to me.
seeing people from school.
feeling awkward.
but yeah! it was a blast and i'm so glad that i have AWESOME siblings that take me to things like that :) it defiantly is good for me to see the world outside little Happy Valley.

speaking of siblings ....
i love her. and the little girl she brings with her.
sorry to all the aunts out there, but i'm pretty sure my niece is cuter.
just sayin.

Oh. Random little thing for ya ...
so i was going to lunch with my family and i saw this guy in the car next to us:

you can't really tell because i was trying to be sneaky but he was eating a sandwich and wearing one of those things on your head when you don't want to get your hair wet.
sometimes i love people. like this dude. i kinda wanna get inside his head and
figure out what he was thinking.

ANYWAYS ... so Jill and Lola are here and we've had so much fun!
we went to Sundance the other day and had a picnic!
i chased Lola around and tried to take pictures of her.
but it's very hard to take pictures of a one year old who doesn't stop moving for one second!

my cousin's baby Emmy

yeah my family is cute :)

so maddie so over to watch the GLEE project. {my all time favorite show}
even though i already know Cameron goes home :"( he was my favorite!
he's a babe!!!!
look him up!

rebecca joy

Q.O.T.D. look up HOME by edward sharpe and the magnetic zeros. tell me you love it haha


  1. this is the funniest/grossest/cutest post evR.
    BFFs 4 lyfe

  2. haha thanks emily! you're a doll :)