July 27, 2011

pinterest, cupcakes, awkward times, and life

So thanks to Anna I have found this amazing website called Pinterest!
I really love it so much. It has so many fun recipes and ahh just go look at it.
right NOW.
Emily, Rachel and Anna found a recipe on it for chocolate chip cookie dough cupcakes.
doesn't that make your mouth water?
well they turned out delicious!

sorry the pictures are such bad quality. this is the cupcake stuffed with cookie dough before icing.

all finished!

I highly recommend making these.

So Maddie and I were bored the other day and so we decided to go to
The Chocolate.
anyone who hasn't been needs to! it's so good.
{wow i'm being very pushy in this blog post. haha deal with it.}
So we walked in and this is how the conversation went with the cashier.

Me: Can we have a chocolate chip cazookie?
Cashier dude: No we don't sell those here anymore.
Me: well you should fix that.
Cashier dude: just kidding haha. ok your total is $6.18
Maddie: We had to look through her piggy bank to find enough money for this.
Cashier dude: haha cool. pick a number.
maddie picks the number 26 and i ask her why...
Maddie: because that's my birthday!
Cashier dude: No way! Mine too! Mine's in September.
Maddie: oh mine is in March.
Cashier dude: that's my half birthday!!
Me: it's meant to be!!!!
awkward scilecne that lasted for like three minutes...
Cashier dude: your order will be ready in 15 min.

it was very awkward . . .
for all of us.
but the cazookie was worth it, even if i ruined the experience for Maddie.

she forgave me though :)

well here are some random things that have happened to me lately:

-getting my personal progress award
-my parents telling me i can TP a house
-getting invited to a party then the person that invited me doesn't talk to me!
-dancing in the rain with Rachey and Emz
-going to walmart and getting underwear that is WAY to big!
-getting a TWITTER and PINTEREST account :)
-marissa going home on the glee project :(

yeah that's all i can think of for now!
I hope you've enjoyed my random ranting!

rebecca joy


  1. Becca your converation with the cashier made me laugh at work so everyone turned and stared at me. PS I love the glee project too! I was so upset at Marissa and McKinleigh leaving.

  2. haha! I'm glad! that was my goal.
    we should have a glee project party because i'm obsessed. haha