July 18, 2011

girls camp, life, and girls camp

my life recently has had one major focus.

i feel like these last couple of weeks i've lived and breathed girls camp.
so because of this, i'm so glad it's over!
it was a blast and i made a ton of new friends! and my secret sister, {aka Samantha} was amazing!!! i got so spoiled!!
so much happened that i don't really want to go into a ton of detail so here are a ton of pictures describing it :)

Shalom is beautiful! i mean look at it!!!

i had to be Darth Vador in a bunch of skits for the stake. this was my mask haha.
i look so scary huh?

me and anna :) i love us.

Karissa and I!

Me and Whit Whit

me and my wife. long story, don't judge.

when you gotta go. . . you gotta go.

the BIFFY and for those that don't speak Shalom that means Bathroom.

the happy couples.

ew sorry i look sick, but Samantha is gorgeous!

my home for the week!

Rebecca and me! i love this girl so much! i'm so sad that she went to Seattle for the summer :(

haha. great times....

yeah i don't know

that was on the ride up there! anna got kicked off the bus so she went with the YCL's

as you can tell, it was an amazing week! I got so much closer with my Lord and with all
my ward family :) I love them all!

Moving away from Girls Camp....
In my last post i was talking about how I found some DIY crafts i wanted to make and so Rachel Anna and I decided to make them!

beautiful lace earrings

walnut necklace! we painted the inside with finger nail polish then put a piece of lace in it.

they turned out so cute! if you want to know how to make them, just let me know.

OH GUESS WHAT!!!! I get my braces off in September!!!!!! i'm so happy!!!

Q.O.T.D. how do you make your teeth stop hurting?

rebecca joy


  1. I liked the pictures of Girl's Camp, good times :) May I just say that I took your profile picture of you as a bee... thank you very much :)

  2. i make my teeth stop hurting by kissing someone. hahahahahah justttttt kidding. drugs. (a.k.a pills)

  3. Yay for braces almost being off! Dude I don't know what to tell you. Asprin always helps hurting teeth.

  4. Laurel you're a pro picture taker, that's for sure.
    anna.... wow enough said. hahaha
    I know i'm so excited!!!! thanks babe :)