June 13, 2011

summer..summer.. SUMMER

The first week of summer came and went all to fast.
I hope it starts to slow down a little bit! I need to enjoy this summer!
I have a check list of things i NEED to do this summer and I haven't even done any!
I really need to get working on that... {Maddie, Anna I know what we're going to do this week}
But i got LOTS and LOTS of pictures for you from this week so . . .

enJOY :)

Ms. Young gave me Emily's paper. Emily it was a beautiful journal entry about
Gatsby and Daisy. I agree they're both crazy!

This is all the school work I got rid of. GOOD BYE SCHOOL. well at least
until the end of summer.
So this has a story behind it. For my last birthday Chance, Dewey and Karissa came and decorated my room! It was so cute! But Dewey hid these notes all over my room {which he wrote on tape} and i thought i had found all of them until i was going through stuff and found this one. hahahaha. i love friends. it says "i came up with the idea of seminary for you"

I don't even know...

SEVEN PEAKS. and my cute little cousin with anna banana

she's so cute

haha i'm going to buy this and give it to maddie for her future wedding.

Maddie.... her hair looks pretty. haha i'm not creepy.

my half birthday brownie cake! yummy.

my new earings :) from seven circles!

haha ryan ordered a chair and it came in this really big box! it's really fun to play in!
{maddie and anna thing its fun to trap me in it...}

anna's skin is sensitive so she has a stye in her eye. she has to put a washcloth on it for 10 minutes five times a day. she invented this little thing to keep it so she didn't have to hold it.
this little jewel of a man was dancing in the library parking lot

Now it's time for random pictures!
Anna and I were bored on Sunday so we started looking up pictures and here are some
lovely ones we found and couldn't stop laughing at.

hahahahahaha. this is my favorite one

Oh P.S. I start tennis next week :)
be ready for me to kick your butt TIMPVIEW.
sorry i just have a little bit of anger towards them. no big deal.

P.P.S. I really am going to get better at blogging more. Promise!

I'm going to start asking a question so people can respond to them!

Q.O.T.D. {question of the day}
what do you do when you're bored on a Sunday afternoon?

rebecca joy


  1. I love how you have my writing prompt haha.
    On Sunday afternoons I always make a dessert.

  2. Nice! and it's weird i can't really sleep on sunday's unless i'm feeling sick. weird huh?
    I love making dessert! OH emily i totally saw nie nie at target yesterday!
    i feel like i saw a celebrity.

  3. lets see. i watch you. haha jk thats super creepy! you and me play... things that shouldn't be known to the world if we want a social life.