June 24, 2011

pictures pictures and more pictures

so i can officially check another thing off my summer list.
I got a fedora! i'm so excited!
my dad was super nice and he bought it for me {he's the best dad ever}
oh and if you don't know what a fedora is well shame on you!!
it's just a super cute hat!
Anna and I both looked cute yesterday so we went around the yard and took pictures and
then I edited them on Picnik! i love that site. it made the pictures look professional!
{oh and pretty much all these pictures are of me because i'm letting anna edit her own}

it's like my own little secret garden!

i don't even know when anna took this picture or why i was making that face, but i love this picture

i'm weird, can you tell?

anna edited this picture! it looks way cool!

i had one of those maple tree-helicopter things on my noes

oh and i've kinda have been obsessed with DIY blogs lately and these are some things i found
that i'm going to make!

a necklace made out of a walnut. and i want to make this shirt. i already have an idea how i would make it.

lace earrings. probably smaller ones but i still love them!

this one is my favorite!

it's so cute on!

{images on honestlywtf.com}

all these things are so easy to make and i'm so excited to make them!
i would post about more things but......
but i better go and get ready for my date tonight! :)

rebecca joy

Q.O.T.D: what is your favorite chick flick?


  1. I love how your guys' hair is intertwined!
    My fav chick flick is She's the Man or Just Like Heaven.

  2. Zoolander. its a total chick flick. male models? ya.

  3. oh my goodness you gorgeous girl!!!!! i wish i was half as pretty as you!

  4. oh thanks guys :) you're sweet!