June 4, 2011

new beginning

what time is it?
and guess who is so happy??
This summer is going to be amazing, I can already tell!
No more tests, stress, quizes, homework
{well.. i actually do have summer homework...},
teachers or anything that has to relate to school!!!!

I honestly can't be happier...
haha lies.
Do you ever get in that mood that everything bothers you?
yeah i've been in that mood lately. but i think it was just all the stress.
Last week i seriously had a test in every class, every day.

so here are lots of pictures of stuff i've been doing since summer started!

isn't my grandpa so cute? he just sleeps outside. no big deal.

no more chemistry... sad and happy
umm i pretty much want a fedora really bad. especially this one.

apparently i have 14,267 LIKES.

yeah you bet this is my backround on my phone!

hahaha. so maddie and i went to the riverwoods. CLASSIC. right after this bottom picture was taken maddie dropped her ice cream cone, just like they do in the movies. it was hilarious!
oh have you seen BIG? recognize this guy?
that's what you get when you go to seven peaks and don't wear sunscreen. i promise this picture really isn't sketchy.

my definition of summer are in these two pictures.
reading outside on a blanket, and summer sno and sandals.
this summer is going to be amazing.

i'll post my summer list soon.

rebecca joy


  1. that picture of your sunburn is making me REALLY uncomfortable and i'd appreciate it if you took it off. I can't believe you would put something up like that. wow becca. wow. AND i can't believe how you took off your cardigan at your house after that assembly. i was EXTREMELY offended. extremely. just can't even fathom you right now becca.

  2. Well learn to live with it child, because YOU make me REALLY REALLY REALLY uncomfortable and I'd appreciate it if you well... yeah...