June 20, 2011

beautiful day

no school, no homework {well not exactly..} sleeping in everyday!
this is my kind of life.
Summer has been really good! I started tennis today with Ashley! She an adorable person that works with my mom and she teachers lessons! The only bad thing about it is that it's at
8 in the morning... rough. but once you're up it's really not that bad.
my goal is to get super good at tennis!
not like varsity good, but good enough for me to thing i'm good. haha if that made any sense at all. Anna comes with me and so i don't get one on one attention from Ashley but it's still good!

So lately i've kinda been hooked on The Glee Project, it is so funny! and there are two extremely attractive boys on it! One happens to be Irish {can it get any better?} well that show makes me really happy! i heart it.

ok i promised that i'd post my summer list so here it is.......

[] finish personal progress
[] get a haircut and highlights
[] take a picture every day
[] get a job
[] sew a shirt
[] pull an all nighter
[] Park City Fund
[] one day without my phone
[] summer seminary
[] seven peaks once a week
[] TENNIS lots
[] skinny dip . . . {haha not really}
[] TP a house
[] summer homework
[] CNA
[] ultimate tiger
[] become closer to god
[] never be bored {being boring is for stupid people}
[] be more outgoing
[] hike the "Y"
[] Hike to Timp Caves
[] Hike Time Mountain and watch the sunrise
[] braces off {not during the summer but the orthodontist said four more months}
[] don't fight as much with anna
[] Just Dance 2
[] summer sno
[] read a book
[] one week without make up
[] get a fedora and a small purse
[] not a lot of TV
[] go on a date
[] learn how to drive stick
[] get cute handwriting
[] redo my room
[] get in shape

well yeah that's all i have so far. isn't it lovely?
so far i've played tennis a lot, gone on a date, read a book, and gotten summer sno!
i need to step it up a little.

i went to my Aunt's house yesterday for a family party for Father's Day! It was so fun!
seriously i think my extended family is the best ever!
I love them all!
Marty {my step uncle?} made this giant swing that spins in circles and it is so fun!
you go so high and so fast! well actually it doesn't look that fun when you're watching it but it's fun when you're on it. but my grandpa and mom wanted a turn and here are some pictures i took!

i love this man! i hope he lives for forever.

rebecca joy

Q.O.T.D. what's your summer song? like the one you listen to all the time and reminds you of summer?


  1. I can write comments now!!!!!!!! Oh my life is spared! My summer song is banana pancakes :D

  2. I'm so glad you can comment now! It makes my life haha.
    Hey that's a good song!

  3. tonight tonight fo' sho' love it. and there you go. i commented.