May 15, 2011

you can count on me

wow life is so crazy.
like seriously, it is.
this week was crazy stressful and i feel like i was
doing stuff at every second of the day!
Jill and Lola were here so we went out and did something like every single night!
we just barely took them home and it was so sad :(
so let me try to remember stuff that i've been doing...

well yesterday we went to park city and shopped at the outlets!
it was so fun! i wanted to buy so much stuff but guess what!
this little girl is broke because she doesn't have a job. joy....
so i have like $0.00 that much money.
and it's kind of hard to buy things with that much money if you know what i mean.
today anna and i got ready in like 5 minutes {no joke} because we forgot that we were
singing in sacrament with the young women!
but it went really well :)
samantha played the oboe and amanda played the violin and it was amazing!!!
i love those two instruments together!
then i left after sacrament because we thought jill was leaving but turns out she didn't leave until like 6. haha oops!
so anna, ryan, lola, jill and i decided to go up the canyon and skip rocks in the river!
we stopped by this gas station were you can get really good
skipping rocks that are completely flat!
it was fun!
then we went to a park up the canyon and played boche ball, skipped rocks, and played in the water {while trying to keep lola OUT of the water}
then we came home and watched the best episode of modern family ever!!
like seriously, if you have not ever seen that show, go watch it.
i'm not even kidding. it's the greatest!
and then we played speed scrabble.
ate dinner.
and then drove lola and jill to my cousin's inlaws who was driving home with her.
goodbyes are always so sad.
i already miss them!

i could go on to tell you about the rest of my week but... i'll sum it up in a couple of random words.


dumb and dumber.... {well tried}


just dance 2

being sick.



jumping off diving boards haha {getting kinda sketchy...}

lots of food.

gardians of virtue.

fake baby.

supernatural {ahhhhhh... creepy scarecrow}

borne identity.

walking around in circles with lola.

her first unassisted step!

baseball games.

last of the chemistry notes.

anna disowning me hahaha... that was funny.

photo assignments.

playing outside.

sewing dresses.

and well yeah.... i'm kinda sick of typing so i'm going to be done :)

this picture makes me happy though.

i hope that brought a smile to your face!!

love you all!!!


  1. Ok it's official. Lola is way too cute. Is that possible? Apparently.

  2. I love you Becca!:)