May 3, 2011

the world is on fire

it's more then i can handle.

i love sarah mclachlan!

i honestly do feel like the world is on fire. there is so much destruction and crazy stuff happening!
I don't like it ...

can i just say that i hate that spring fling is this friday!
it's way too early after prom to have it!
tsk tsk student council.

tsk tsk.

becca is not happy about that!

oh well... i really don't know if i should ask anyone or not.
my dad said that i should because there is probably a lot of boys that want to go with me.
yeah he's my dad, it's his job to say that kind of stuff!

Oh well (: i still thought it was kinda sweet of him.


such an amazing day!!!!
after i posted that mile long blog post {see the one before this one} anna and i went a bike ride!
we played follow the leader all over orem! it was great fun.
after we finished we were tired and so we crashed on the lawn and took pictures!

anna and i have decided that we're going to beat all of maddie's high scores on JUST DANCE 2. and we will do it!!!
maddie is freaky good at that game {i blame all the zumba she does}
and so whenever she plays on ours she gets the high score!
haha well not for long missy! better watch your back!
so every day this week my dad has picked a really old movie for us to watch!
they've all been with Jimmy Stewart and they've all been so cute!!!
so far we've watched....

and last night was Mr. Hopes Vacation.

both super duper cute!
I highly recommend them!
I can't wait to see what tonight brings!


english ... took The GREAT GATSBY test. I really do love that book no matter
what everyone else thinks of it.
i think i did a pretty good job too!
chemistry ... pretty easy. he just lectured us haha.
choir ... well we didn't get pizza like we did last time.. but it was still pretty good!
sarah drew me this picture!

lunch ... boring. ha i just felt like a loner and looked at the photo show.
{none of my pictures won.. oh well!}
photo ... finished up the reports on photographers and went and critiqued
the photo show..
how fun... i know you're jealous!

after school ...
went grocery shopping with my mamma.
did all my homework.
relaxed because i was really tired! i watched me some ghost whisperer!
i love that show.
started making these gormet cookies... but we didn't have enough flower so my dad had to go get some for me. :) thanks papa for always being there for me!
then i helped with dinner!
we had shiscabobs! {don't know how to spell...}
i helped make them and they were super super yummy!
then i helped chels with her math homework. i hate complete the square stuff.
then i finished my cookies


and now i'm here wasting my time away on the computer!
well i'm going to go enjoy the movie i'm watching tonight! i really am excited

love you all!!!

rebecca joy.


  1. my picture looks much better here then it does in real life i think!!!!

  2. pretty sure it looks amazing in real life and in that photo ;)