May 2, 2011

say cheese!

i promised some pictures, so here they are.


So that's a piece of potato on the kitchen door.
Ryan put it there ...
it was gross.
But it was a really good EASTER!


they have this picture for a blood drive...
I don't understand why they chose people in a pool to represent that.

in my lunch was this fake tattoo thingy.
don't be fooled!
i know it looks so life like, but don't worry! i think tattoos are gross, so i'd never get a real one.


I love maddie's drawings :)

hahaha! this was in my lunch.
a bible coloring book.
with pictures and stickers of jesus.

~why is it that i can never remember how to spell wednesday?

this is karissa's stash of cash!

she left emily and i alone in her car and so we went through her wallet!

don't worry! we're not thief's! we didn't take any of it no matter how
tempting it was!


ortho day.
my teeth were really sore and i was trying to eat a sandwich.

poor me.
but they don't hurt anymore so it's all good!


i got my shoes for prom!!! that was the big thing that happened that day.
i was trying to find yellow ones to go with my black and white dress ...

I swear yellow shoes don't exist anywhere!!!

i couldn't find ANY!
so i settled with red!
they're so cute and i love them so so much.

my beautiful dress!
and shoes!

this is a head band that i got to wear in my hair! we changed it into a clip though!


so i woke up at 6:00 in the morning ...
got ready faster then i thought i would! and went to solo and ensemble.
we did ok, but i am so so glad it's over!!


then i came home and cleaned and cleaned and cleaned!
made chance's boutineeir {i don't know how to spell that...}
then i sat around and debated whether or not to start getting ready. haha
then i took a shower
and got ready!
I ended up curling my hair and pulling it in a pony tail and then bobby pinning random
pieces up to make a bun! and then i put the clip in it!
It turned out so pretty!
and i did it all by myself :) :) :)



cute huh?

i felt pretty :)

well prom was a blast!!!!

we went and took pictures at the Riverwoods!
then went to PF Changs for dinner
{FAVORITE restaurant ever}
mmmmm. so yummy.

then we headed over to the dance!

so amazing!! ahh :)

afterwards we went and got ice cream at wendy's
and went to Sid's house to watch Modern Family!
I didn't get home til like 2...
long long day..
but oh so much fun!!!!

I absolutely loved every second of it!


slept in til like 12:30...
ran and got ready in record time and went to church.
then came home and relaxed for the rest of the day!

aka today!

Seminary.... so so so so fun!!! this crazy kid told us a story about when he was passing
the sacrament to a rest home and a man died when he was
giving the talk!!!!!!
it was sad but the fact that it happened to spencer greer made it so funny!

then a special needs kid ran into our class and started chanting!
it was so cute!
he was trying to get us to do it with him. and then he
started quoting scriptures!
I love kids like that :)

Government.... bleh... enough said.

Math... I got 106 on my last test!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i am so so so happy about it!!!

Lunch.... looked at the photo show
{which i have pictures in}
it was really good!!!

Computer Tech.. haha boring like usual.

well i think i'm gonna go play with anna now haha!

OH! Anna got a solo at her choir concert!!!
I'm so proud of you sister!!! :)

Love you all!!

sorry about the long post!


  1. You are the prettiest girl on the planet!!!! Honestly, Chance is a lucky fella ;)

  2. Oh EmilyEmilyEmily :) haha thanks you're a sweetheart!