May 9, 2011

knock knock!

who's there?
flowers who?
flowers in your mouth!!!!

that lovely joke was brought to you by Jack Akin everyone.
he's this adorable little boy i babysit and he told me that knock knock joke today!

So {SATURDAY} was a super good day!
-i got to sleep in.
-i relaxed all day.
-there was no stress!
-and i went and saw PROM twice.

so the first time is when my dad was sick of anna and i sitting around the house
doing nothing so he told us that he'd pay for us to get out of the house and see PROM.
we went and pretty much laughed our heads off the entire time!
...... i'm not going to lie though....
i did enjoy it. and most of it was because the guy on it looked like Prince Caspian!

anyways so later that night i hung out with Sid!
he informed me that he had never been to Farr's before!!!
{if someone out there reading this hasn't been...REPENT NOW!}
so we went and ended up running into his brother who was on a double date!
both the guys were dressed up like they were headed to prom, and both the girls had on over
the top dresses! turns out that they were going to see the movie PROM dressed like that!
one word for how i felt about it: BRILLIANT.

so they invited sid and i to join them so we did :)
and i enjoyed it just as much the second time!!!

so when i got home from school today guess who was here?!?


i love both of them! and i honestly think that lola is the cutest little girl ever!

here is a message from her.....

WA aw c az wz cxnndsp;df['d;c'/[

translation: hello everyone! i'm cute. be jealous :)

ha and now i'm sitting here while lola is trying to eat but actually getting it all over my dad!

classic. :)

love you all!!!!!!

rebecca joy :)

1 comment:

  1. Message for Lola:
    She knows what it says.

    Translation for everyone else:
    I already have my vote in for you to be a future Miss America.