May 17, 2011

dear fork,

i regret to inform you that i have ran away with the dish.
oh and you have a son.
his name is SPORK.
he has your hair.



So pretty much that made my laugh when my sister told me that.
hahahah. it was probably only funny to me, but oh well!

early out day! {aka longest day of the week day}

SEMINARY we watched the Joseph Smith movie. love love love love. i'm pretty sure that was the best way to start a day!
GOVERNMENT ehhhh.... i plan on burning all my papers and roasting marshmallows over them when i am done with this class. i really do hate it. we had a
guest speaker so she talked to us about her college and why we should go to hers and
none of the other colleges.
MATH we just had a review day... yeah that was a wake up call! i have lots of studying to do.
LUNCH i swear gets longer and longer every day...
COMPUTER TECH was boring.. haha like usual!
but don't get me wrong!!! for an a day, it was a super good day!!!
AFTER SCHOOL i went to emily's house and worked on the computer tech project for forever!
but we had fun :) well at least i did!
sadly i can't really remember what i did after that hahaha.

WOKE up and got ready in 15 minutes!!! it helped that my hair was already done haha.
and i found THIS in my cereal!!!

it made my happy.

when i got to school i turned in my pre cal text book! text book turn in time is what starts to make me realize just how soon summer is!!!!

ENGLISH i did absolute nothing! i loved it. emily and i did our huge book project last week so we don't need to worry about it. we ended up watching two versions of the great gatsby though..
both were weird but i love that story anyway.
CHEMISTRY all we did was this practice CRT.
CHOIR concert is tomorrow. and we suck haha...
LUNCH we had deep conversations. haha NOT. it was really fun though. FACT. yep try saying that with your upper lip curled. easier said then done.
PHOTO was interesting... it was good but i got kinda bugged.. oh well! it's the past :)
AFTER SCHOOL i made a gross grilled cheese sandwich..
and then went to EMILY'S! our powerpoint is done!!!!!
that's such a good feeling.
then i came home, ate, watched americas next top model, laughed really hard at all the drama, tried to get my dumb phone to work, and yeah! i have piano soon but you never know when my aunt is actually going to show up.

well there you go!! you now all know my life. haha i hope it didn't bore you.

love you all!!!

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