April 9, 2011

set fire to the rain.

Spring break is finally here and I am so happy!
School seems to drag on for forever! Especially the last little bit of school.
But life has been great lately! I'm all caught up from missing three days of school and I have straight a's! :) I have people that love me and I have so many blessings!
I'm loving life! Especially because I get to sleep in!

Ok so Day 23
Fifteen facts about me.

I have braces {and I hate them}
I had phenomia when I was little and I was in the hospital.
I enjoy cleaning and having my room clean.
I don't wash my hair every day.
I play piano.
I'm going to state Solo and Ensemble.
I play tennis.
I'm the middle child.
Most of my clothes are hand-me-downs {but they're from my older sister with good style so I don't mind}
I only buy things when I'm not planning to.
I want to be a pediatrician.
I love little kids.
Sleeping in is my favorite.
I always do my homework the day I get it.
and a lot of times I wish I was less shy.

well yeah, that's pretty much me in fifteen facts! That was actually kind of fun to think of!

Day 24

a photo of something that means a lot to me.
this is a hard one. I really don't know what to put other then,
having a house, and my own room.
My faith.
All the usual stuff :) I really am so blest!

Day 25

Ok so for my birthday I got a new purse and I love love love it! I take it everywhere with me! Most of the time the only things I have in it are
my wallet.
rubberbands {dang braces}
chapstick {love bert's bees}
my phone.
and yeah that's pretty much it :)

Ok so let's play a little catch up.

I hullahooped for 8 minutes and 50 seconds! I could have gone longer but a boy bumped into me... I was kinda mad but it was ok :)

Hmm... I actually don't remember much of what happened. haha I think I slept. Hm who knows!

emily and rachel came over and we watched Lars and the Real Girl!

I really do love that movie! i hope emily and rachel liked it because it is a little slow.
then we went to The Chocolate {my new favorite place} to celebrate Laurel's birthday.
It was hilarious! I love all those people so so much! And I'm starting to feel more comfortable around them! It's great!
Then I came home and went to bed at like 10:30. Yeah.. that doesn't even happen on a school night!

The Saturday {aka today}
Slept in til 11 {haha 13 hours of sleep, maybe I still am tired from Seattle}
got ready for the day and cleaned my house super duper good.
Then I went to Maddie's house and we watched Tangled because for some crazy reason she had never seen it before!! I don't know how she was living but oh well.
then we decided to go to Wendy's and get crispy chicken sandwiches because we're cool like that.
Then we went to The Emporium and tried on lovely prom dresses! Because I really am going.. he just hasn't asked me yet. haha...
Anyways then we left.

"oh my...... hail!!!"

haha oh maddie how I adore her.
Then we went to her house and talked about life and then I drove her to babysit and came home to an empty house. How depressing.
so i went on itunes and bought new songs :) I love having money on itunes. It's one of my favorite things!
Then i ate dinner and watched Wings.
It's this old show my parents love {i hate to admit it but it's actually kinda funny}
then i decided that i was going to look at prom dresses online and i found one that i love! I need to find one like this but make it modest.

My idea is to find one like this but with sleeves and have it be to my knee more. Then i was going to do my hair in a low, curly bun.
I need feed back. haha.

Ok so the pictures i promised from seattle are being dumb and i can't take them from facebook... so you'll just have to look there to see them. haha

well anna wants to go watch a movie so I'm gonna go!
love ya guys!

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  1. I had pnemonia when I was little too!
    Oh and Lars and the real girl was great! I didn't know whether to laugh or cry.