April 20, 2011

i'm pretty sure i got all egg...

I've decided that I am not going to finish the blog challenge
I have too much to talk about!

SpRiNg BrEaK

was absolutely amazing :)
I miss it... haha
So I have a lot i could talk about but...
I'm just going to post a lot of random pictures from the break
and other random ones that were on my phone.

This was in my lunch a few weeks ago :) I love sunny d!


Ok so...
I got this birthday card in the mail from my step grandpa and it was for my birthday.
but my birthday was in december.
It was cute! and i got five dollars!

that one is for you emily ;)

this is how my first date answered me for preference.
and below is my corsage!
I can't believe I still have them.

We did a giant chalk drawing like the one on Tangled!

Um... they parked just a little bit close to me...

I love love love love love this dress!!!! but...
it's like 2000 dollars...
dang it.

My new shirt.
that i bought.
but anna keeps it in her closet.

we played spies :)
maddie is pro.

anna's hair on top of her head and it's still that long!!!


Cute shoes!

haha don't ask..

they traced me with markers!

I heart this mascara.

that was what the warning on my lunch was about.
a snake!
it was scary putting my hand into it and touching it.
but the next day my dad gave anna and i something
cute to make up for it :)
{it's below}

I took that :)

I got asked to PROM!!!!!
"Rebecca it's raining, so don't leave me waiting.
I'm at the place where the dogs park.
AKA it's our favorite park.
Prom is coming around fast and it's gonna be a blast!!!"
so i went to the park and Chance had a sign that said "will you go to prom with me!?"
it was cute :)
my photo assignment that took forever...

that's what i get for going back to school.
my binder falls,
the rings open,
all the papers fall out.

Anyways as you can tell by all the pictures,
my break was


well i'm tired... so i'm going to get ready for bed.
Buh bye!!!!

P.S. my post title is anna's quote! she ate a raw egg and it was hilarious!!!


  1. 2nd pic: I love your water mustache in the best church in the whole world.
    5th pic: That's hilarious that your grandpa gave you a card not on your birthday!
    6th pic: Becca, I'm going to kill you.
    22nd pic: I have that mascara. It's amazing.
    29th pic: Yuck.

  2. it wasn't funny. stop laughing. get a life. ;)
    p.s. i beat you sitting down.

  3. hahahaha!! oh emily you crack me up.

    anna. shun.