April 6, 2011

Hello Seattle, and days 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22

WARNING: this post is going to be really long so sit back and relax.

Sorry it's been so long blog stalkers but I was in SEATTLE. It was so so so amazing!!! I really could live there and be completely happy with life! :) :) :) let me tell you about it, and do my blog challenge at the same time!

Day 17

a picture of my family :) not everyone is in this picture but I really like it!

Seattle on thursday... not too much to say except for that I was in a bus for 19 hours!!!!! and let me just tell ya, it is NOT comfortable to be in a bus for that long...

haha. Sorry about the disgusting pictures of me. It was a LONG day.

Day 18

Cafe. Rio. Salad. enough said. I love that stuff! It's heaven!

Mmmmm :) it makes me hungry just thinking about it!

Seattle on friday!

Laurel has most of the pictures of me actually in it, so I'll post them later.

Day 19.

well it says to post another picture of yourself but there are plenty on this post already so yeah.

Seattle on Saturday!!

this was our festival day so we woke up, got ready and headed to a school to preform our choir songs. We did super good! But after FOREVER of being there we left and went back to our hotel to change into warmer clothes because it was time for the Pier and the cruise out to Tillicum Island!!! Once at the pier we shopped, went to the lovely aquarium, and partied it up! then we went to Tillicum Island! That's a little indian village and they make you food and put on a show for you. It's so good! And you have to take this huge boat to go there so it's a blast! It was freezing but great. They had the awards ceremony there and we totally won everything possible! it was the best! I'm pretty sure I lost my voice from screaming so much!

Day 20

the meaning behind my blog name. Well Joy is my middle name so i named it my JOYous life. {I thought it was pretty clever} :)

Sunday in Seattle!!!
Today was mainly a site seeing day and we got to explore the city for our last day there. We started by going to the space needle! It's crazy high when you get to the top! And it even swayed a little bit. {scary!} but it was still fun. and the view from up there was breathtaking! then we went to this air plane museum that was really neat! Then afterwards we went to Pike's market and shopped and looked around and got to experience the culture and people in Seattle.

Day 21

something that makes me happy. hmm friends, family, the temple, having no homework, waking up super early and realizing you can sleep longer, a clean house, hugs, when people tell me I look pretty, inside jokes, funny stories and yeah :)

Ok one funny story that makes me pee my pants is this one:
my friend Abby's really good friend went on this date and it's classic. She went to the guys house to eat dinner and it turns out that his family is super duper wealthy and classy people! Well she really had to pee but she wanted to sound proper so she asked them where there "washroom" was. Well they end up taking her to an actual room with just a sink in it! Well she was too embarrassed to ask them for an actual bathroom so after they left she shut the door and decided to climb up on the sink and just use it. Well... she takes her pants off, climbs up, and .............

the sink breaks.

and not only that but she goes unconscious!

So like 30 minutes later the dad knocks on the door to see if she's ok and when there's no answer he opens the door to see this half naked girl passed out on the ground!!!! So he shuts the door and runs to get his wife and the next thing she knows is waking up on the couch and everyone looking at her!!!

well it gets even better {i know it may sound impossible but it's not!}

One week later she goes on another date with a different guy and they go to his house. Well they go downstairs to watch a movie and she sees a love sack! She gets super excited and runs and jumps on the love sack, suddenly she hears a little dog bark! She gets up and she had jumped on their miniature dog and broken its neck and killed it.

hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha that girl just shouldn't go on dates!!!!!!

So monday in Seattle was the sad day :( we left and had a 16 hour bus ride home and didn't get home till one in the morning... But it was a super amazing experience and I loved every second of it :)

I'm skipping day 22 because no one has hurt me recently so yeah :)

there are a lot more pictures from Seattle and I'll post them eventually. haha.

Wow sorry this is so long!
I'm sick of typing now.. haha so see ya!


  1. Seattle sounded amazing! So jelllllll

  2. wow that was probably the FUNNIEST stories I have ever heard in my whole life!!!! too bad nothing funny like that ever happens to me in my life

  3. Oh I bet that's how your first date will go Rachel! you'll kill a dog hahahaha