April 10, 2011

Day 26

Well..... I've been to
Seattle {obviously}
The grand canyon {aka Arizona, in case you got an F in georgraphy}
And yeah! Lots of places like that :)
Apparently I've been to Canada but I can't remember it because I was just a wee babe.

I won :)

Mmmm :) i love my family!

So Today {AKA sunday}
It has been pretty amazing!
I woke up and actually got ready and looked cute!
I was so proud of myself.
then church was amazing {like always}
then i went to choir.

it's not always my favorite but my mom is the director so I gotta go. and honestly, once i'm there I don't mind it!

then after all that....
let's just say Anna and I had a little too much fun. haha
{I'm not telling because you would judge us.}

my phone is being so dumb right now or I'd post more pictures...
so i'll do it tomorrow :)

then we ate a yummy dinner and have relaxed :) it's been a good day.

Love you all!!! buh- bye!

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