April 29, 2011


I am so sorry fellow blog stalkers! Life has been so so busy lately!
I haven't had to time to sit down and blog!
These are some things that I've had going on....
PROM. {that's the big one}
Easter! {loved it! I sang in church}
School {soooo many tests... not cool teachers. not cool.}
State solo and ensemble.
trying to have a social life.
and yeah that's about it...
but just trust me, it is lots of busy work!

So PROM is tomorrow and I'm so so so excited! I have everything I need and want :)
I feel so pretty in my dress and ahh hopefully everything goes perfect!
I went on my prom date last week and it was absolutely amazing!
I thought it was going to be awkward at first because this guy that I had the biggest
crush on last year is in my same group, but it wasn't!
We went to Sammie's and got yummy pie shakes! {de best.}
Then we went to comedy sports!

hands down.

I laughed my head off!
it was funny because there was the wall right behind me and when I would laugh I'd throw my head back... yeah not smart thinking on my part. oh well.
but yeah it was one of the funniest dates I've been on!

Les Mis was playing at our school and OH MY GOOD GOLLY GOSH.
I loved loved loved it.
I cried.
I"m a baby.
i know.
but honestly if you don't cry or get teary eyed, i'm pretty sure you have NO soul!

so I decided that Easter was one of my favorite holidays! I love candy :) and i love the feeling! Anna and I sung this descant part for the ward choir and it was pretty fun!
And i got to decorate lots of pretty eggs and then go look for them!
{i'm pretty sure that in college I'll still wanna do easter egg hunts}
The day before we went on the huge easter egg scavenger hunt that my aunt puts together every year and this year she set it up like a geo cash! it was really fun and it took us around everywhere! We ended in the cemetery and put a flower on my great aunts baby that died at birth.
{ya see.. my aunt lost her first baby shortly after he was born but he's buried in San Diego so we put on on the other baby's grave in honor of him}
cute huh?

OHHH good news :) :) :)

I almost cried when the ortho dude told me :")
best. day. ever!
my goal is to have them off this summer!
I'll keep my finger's crossed!

let's see what else new happened to me...

oh funny story! my dad got me a bible coloring book and put it in my lunch today.
it even has jesus stickers in it!!!
it's the greatest :)

ok well i have a LOT of pictures.. but i'll post them later because i'm tired and i have to get up at like 6 tomorrow for solo and ensemble...
{just shoot me now}
jk. please don't. I really do enjoy living! ok well goodnight peeps!
I love you all!!!

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  1. pretty sure you'll still be doing easter egg hunts when you're old and a widow. ;)