March 7, 2011

We Used to be Friends.

Mmm :) I love that song. It makes me happy and it reminds me of Veronica Mars all at the same time! Well since I haven't posted in a while I'm just gonna put on a bunch of pictures! This has pretty much been what's been happening in my lovely life.

Lots and Lots of Babysitting:

Jade, Ally and their Justin Bieber barbie doll :) he didn't have clothes on so they covered him hahahahaha.

Jack. all the pictures below are Jack and I's beautiful drawings haha.

He wrote my name! I like that the "B" is backwards.

Here are some random ones that I've taken lately.

My mom, Anna, and I went to Farr's for a girls night!

this is a huge car that we saw, so of course we had to take a picture.

Emily, Rachel, Anna and I 's beautiful banner for Karissa's birthday!

haha. That's Anna's face while watching Romeo and Juliet, the Leonardo Decaprio version.

haha. these were book covers at the library that made me laugh.

I WANT THIS LITTLE BOY! he's so cute!

My awesome new shoes that my mom bought me :) yep that's right, they're VANS.

You're pretty much all caught up now!
I gotta go get my mamma!
See ya!


  1. That's the best poster eva!

  2. Oh of course! Because we made it ;)