March 10, 2011

Pretty pretty please!

Dear Mother Nature,
pretty pretty please stay warm for forever. No more snow, for forever.

The weather today was amazing! I was outside for most of the day :) During lunch I went to Subway and then ate it at a park with Chelsie and Rachel! It was amazing. Then after school I went to the school baseball game and I felt like I was getting a sunburn, I never thought that would make me happy, but it does because that means there was sun! Then I went and played tennis with Stephanie! And can I just say that my serves were AMAZING! I mean look at this!

Yeah... I'm pretty pro. I severed so hard it got stuck in the fence ;) that, my friends, takes skill.
But sadly, that was the last of my outside fun for the day.
So a little while ago I decided that I hadn't played the Wii in a while so I turned it on and guess what I played? TENNIS of course! and I played against myself :) yep I'm so skilled. and guess who won?!


Yes, it's true.

Welp that's pretty much everything....

I decided I'm going to make something called "Braces-be-gone" I am so sick of them! But I want my teeth to be straight still, so I'm going to invent this thing that makes your braces magically not be seen! Brilliant huh?! Yeah well it should be on the market shortly, so be ready.

Well that's everything!

Oh one last thing. teachers need to communicate with each other when they have tests and so they are spaced out. Not all on the same day... ugh... so many tests!
Three day weekend, here i come!

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